How to Take Screenshot on Windows 10

Taking screenshots is an important tool that you can use to capture the screen of your computer screen for future reference. Whether you're a student, business owner, or just someone who needs to take quick notes, taking screenshots can be incredibly helpful.

But sc snipping tool windows 10 can be confusing and difficult to use, which is why the information from is dedicated to explaining the different ways to screenshot on windows 10, as well as some of the best third-party screenshot apps available for free or purchase. So whether you're new to screenshotting or have been doing it for years, this blog is sure to have the information you need!

The Windows key + Print Screen

Taking screenshots is an essential part of any blogger's toolkit. Whether you're capturing a screenshot of a blog post for editing or taking screenshots of your screen to share on social media, using the Windows key + Print Screen button combination will do the trick.

You can also save screenshots to a USB drive or another location if you want. Finally, if you need to edit or delete screenshots, you can do so from the screenshot menu in the My Pictures library. Thanks for taking your screenshot-ing game to the next level!

The Print Screen button

Taking screenshots on Windows 10 is easy - all you need to do is press the Print Screen button and wait for the screen to turn black. From there, press and hold the button until the screenshot prints.

To take a screenshot of a full screen app, first open the app you wish to capture in focus, and then press and hold the Print Screen button until the app window turns black. Once the app window is black, release the button and the screen capture will print. Save the screenshot as a file in an image editor like Photoshop or Paint, and you're done!

Alt + Print Screen

Taking screenshots on Windows 10 can be a handy tool for capturing screenshots of important documents. Always make sure you have an original copy of any important documents before taking a screenshot, as it's not advisable to save them in the Print Screen key. To capture screenshots on Windows 10, use the Alt + Print Screen keys combination. The image will be saved in the Pictures library and can be viewed or shared as desired.

The Snipping Tool

If you're like most people, you use screenshots to capture important moments and share them with your friends. But how do you capture screenshots on Windows 10? The snipping tool is easy to use and can be found in the bottom-left corner of most windows.

Once you've selected the area you want to capture, press the Alt+PrtScn buttons simultaneously to take a screenshot. If you need to edit or share the screenshot, Windows 10 includes a convenient Photo Editor app that you can use from File Explorer's context menu options!

Third-Party Screenshot Apps for Windows

Taking screenshots on Windows 10 can be a pain - especially if you're not used to using a third-party app. However, there are a variety of great screenshot apps available that make the process a lot easier. Before you make your decision, be sure to check out each app and its features.

Some of the key features to look for include quick snapshot captures, pressure sensitive volume buttons, and the ability to save screenshots as PNG or JPG files. If you're in a hurry, it's also possible to capture screenshots in a few quick clicks using the keyboard shortcut Windows key + alt + print screen. Whatever app you decide to use, make sure to keep its features in mind so that your screenshots are of the best quality possible.


Taking screenshots on your Windows 10 device is easy and can be done with the help of a few simple keystrokes. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the keystrokes mentioned above so that you can capture the entire screen of your device in the most efficient way possible. Additionally, be sure to check out some of the best screenshot apps available for Windows 10 to help you capture screenshots in an easy and convenient way.